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1 "Newfoundland Vital Statistics, 1753-1893," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 8 May 2015), Martin Belbin and Sarah Jane Harris, 06 Jun 1872; citing Marriage, Seal Cove, Trinity South, Newfoundland, Canada, Provincial Archives, St. John's. Family: Martin Belbin / Sarah Jane Harris (F920)
2 1864 - 1865 Harris Samuel, fisherman
Hutchinson's Directory Seal Cove

Lovell's 1871 Harris Samuel, fisherman
Seal Cove

1904 Harris, Samuel Fisherman
McAlpine's Directory

Harris, Samuel (I51)
3 Arthur was living with Mary Morten. The Motens' took Arthur "under their wing", says Mary. According to Mary Arthur died the Monday before Christmas, and the funeral service was on Christmas eve.

Sadly I was never able to speak with Arthur directly. He did however send me a photo of himself and recounted the story of When his uncle "Jack" jumped ship in Canada. 
Burgess, Arthur Hensey (I167)
4 at sea during cruise More, Robert Gavin (I239)
5 Bakewell 7b 443 Hibbert, Elizabeth (I27)
6 Bakewell 7b 521 Burgess, Mary Jane (I30)
7 Birth Index, 1837-1915
Name: Eleanor Statham
Year of Registration: 1901
Quarter of Registration: AprMay-Jun
District: Bakewell (1839 Onw)
County: Derbyshire
Volume: 7b
Page: 866 
Statham, Eleanor (I736)
8 Births
Statham Frederick
Bakewell 7b 539 
Statham, Frederick (I304)
9 Births Sep 1902
Dorothy Jane
Bakewell 7b 882 
Statham, Dorothy Jane (I737)
10 Born Anston (Yorkshire) Mrs. Mingay moved to Tooting Broadway (London) Burgess, Annie (I61)
11 Born in Philadelphia 620 Marshall St. Burgess, Oliver Richard (I881)
12 Born in Philadelphia 620 Marshall street

Suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and was ill most of his life. 
Burgess, John Leslie (I880)
13 Burial Card Hawthorn-Dale: Lot 28 no. 35

Robert John Burgess
son of John Burgess
Born: Montreal, Quebec
Died: 25 May 1919
Aged: 18 years 8 months
Late Residence: 3154 O'Shaughnessy Street
Place of Death: 3154 O'Shaughnessy Street

Suspect he was a victim of the flu pandemic 
Burgess, Robert John (I21)
14 Burial Record Hawthorn-Dale

John George Harold Phipps
Widow of Mary Emily (Emma) Cullen
Born: Montreal, Quebec (27 February 1886)
Died: 11 January 1963
Aged: 76 years
Late residence: 548 Letourneux Street, Montreal, Quebec
Place of death: Montreal Protestant Hospital, Montreal, Quebec
Remains were buried in Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery, Lot 185 no. 160

Phipps, John George Harold (I283)
15 Burial Record:

Annie Burgess nee Harris
Wife of John Burgess
Born: Newfoundland (5 Nov 1872)
Died: 22 December 1945
Aged: 73 years
Late Residence: 5842A St.Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, Quebec
Place of Death: In ambulance en route to Women's General Hospital
Remains were buried in Hawthorn-Dale Cemetery, Lot 28 no. 35 
Harris, Virtue Ann (I20)
16 buried in a temporary grave at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetary.
Marecki, Antoni (I803)
17 buried in a temporary grave at Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetary. Marecki, Ludovic (I812)
18 buried in the same plot as Stella is Francois Lionel Dubail Marecki, Stanisława (I805)
19 California Death Index Social Security #:550408868
Solander, Gertrude Alma (I966)
20 California Death index, Social#: 558018463
Burgess, Luella Alma (I968)
21 California Death Index: Social Security #:550408868
Solander, Gertrude Alma (I966)
22 California Death Index: Social: 558018463
Burgess, Luella Alma (I968)
23 Contrat Notaire Duquet Family: Joseph-Osanny Nadeau / Marguerite Abraham (F296)
24 Could be 1860, Sandra Gilpin states he died just shy o his 91st Fisher, Moore (I2382)
25 D/1902/197/1024/12/21
Thomas Duncan 18th December 1902 39 Male Newtownards 
Duncan, Thomas McCullough (I2408)
26 D/1941/201/1024/47/323
Mary Connery 29th June 1941 68 Female Newtownards(pre-1973 Q4) 
McCalmont, Mary Ann (I2402)
27 D/1942/197/1024/17/459
James Connery 13th March 1942 70 Male Newtownards (pre-1973 Q4) 
Connery, James (I2396)
28 Death

Deaths Sep 1924
Statham Frederick 58 Bakewell 7b 661 
Statham, Frederick (I304)
29 Death
England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005
about Mary M Burgess
Name: Mary M Burgess
Death Registration Month/Year: 1924 Apr May Jun
Age at death (estimated): 69
Registration district: Liverpool
Inferred County: Lancashire
Volume: 8b
Page: 241  
Sidebottom, Mary Martha (I752)
30 Death Cert

England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005
about Henry U Ruegg
Name: Henry U Ruegg
Death Registration Month/Year: Q2-Apr-May-Jun 1927
Age at death (estimated): 61
Registration district: Wandsworth
Inferred County 
Ruegg, Henry Ulrich (I769)
31 death cert

England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005
about Norman Dudley Burgess

Name: Norman Dudley Burgess
Birth Date: 27 May 1909
Death Registration Month/Year: Q4-Oct-Nov-Dec 1981
Registration district: Liverpool
Inferred County: Merseyside
Volume: 36
Page: 1213 
Burgess, Norman Dudley (I735)
32 Death Cert:

England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005
about John Bertram Burgess

Name: John Bertram Burgess
Birth Date: 11 Nov 1904
Death Registration Month/Year: Q3-Jul-Aug-Sep 1983
Registration district: Liverpool
Inferred County: Merseyside
Volume: 36
Page: 0992 
Burgess, John Bertram (I734)
33 Death Index: 1916-2005
Name: Kathleen Annie Wilkinson
Birth Date: 24 Dec 1905
Death Registration Month/Year: Nov 1994
Age at death (estimated): 88
Registration district: Sheffield
Inferred County: Yorkshire
Register number: C61A
District and Subdistrict: 0481C
Entry number: 140 
Wilkinson, Kathleen Annie (I1289)
34 Death Index: 1916-2005
Name: Laura A Statham
Death Registration Month/Year: Oct-Nov-Dec 1938
Age at death (estimated): 63
Registration district: Bakewell
Inferred County: Derbyshire
Volume: 7b
Page: 869 
Burgess, Laura Agnes (I29)
35 Died in a plane crash Blair, Marcus Allen (I1015)
36 emigrated to Canada Burgess, Angela (I127)
37 England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915
about Frederick Skidmore
Name: Frederick Skidmore
Year of Registration: 1851
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
District: Loughborough
County: Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire
Volume: 15
Page: 162 
Skidmore, Frederick (I768)
38 Family living in Hochelage village in 1881 census Family: Edmond Michaud / Marcelline Levesque (F173)

Births Mar 1879 (>99%)
Burgess Edith W. Derby 8b 203

Marriages Sep 1906 (>99%)
BURGESS Edith Toxteth Park 8b 499 
Burgess, Edith (I264)

Deaths Dec 1918
Burgess Harriet 87 Bucklow 8a 381 
Kershaw, Harriet (I273)

Deaths Jun 1901 (>99%)
Burgess Mary 58 Toxteth Park 8b 172 
Faulkner, Mary (I262)
42 FreeBMD
England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915
about Herbert Burgess
Name: Herbert Burgess
Year of Registration: 1867
Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
District: Worksop
County: Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire - West Riding
Volume: 7b
Page: 37 
Burgess, Herbert (I270)
Phyllis Camilla Ruegg birth
Name: Phyllis Camilla Ruegg
Year of Registration: 1898
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
District: St George Hanover Square
County: London, Surrey
Volume: 1a
Page: 452

Name: Camilla Ruegg
Birth Date: 28 Mar 1898
Death Registration Month/Year: Jan 1996
Age at death (estimated): 97
Registration District: Camden
Inferred County: London
Register Number: D42A
Entry number: 213  
Ruegg, Phyliss Camilla (I770)

Marriages Jun 1867 (>99%)
BURGESS John Altrincham 8a 218
Possibly Mary Faulkner

Married Mary Martha June 1902
FREEBMD - Marriages Jun 1902
Burgess John Toxteth Park 8b 307
Burgess, John (I260)
45 FREEBMD Birth

Births Mar 1843
Faulkner Mary Warrington 20 838 
Faulkner, Mary (I262)

Births Jun 1871
Burgess William W. Derby 8b 413

Births Dec 1871
Burgess William W. Derby 8b 538  
Burgess, William (I263)
47 Freebmd: yr: Apr 1908 dist: West Ham Cty: Essex Grt London vol: 4a pg:151  Smith, Miriam Jessie (I1317)
48 FreeBMD: yr: Jan 1977 Reg: Liverpool Cty: Merseyseide vol:36 pg: 1228 Smith, Miriam Jessie (I1317)
49 HARRIS Samuel Hannah Virtue Ann (4 mos) (March 16,) 1873 Seal Cove (New Chelsea) Simeon Dunn Harris, Virtue Ann (I20)
50 He was the second person to swim the English channel on September 7th 1911at the twelfth attempt. There was 36 years between Captain Matthew Webb first swam the channel and in that time there 70 unsuccessful attempts. It was another 12years before the third successful attempt. Burgess swam from St. Margaret's bay near Dover to Le Chatelet east of Cap Gris Nez. It took him 22 hours and 30 minutes.

He was heavily bearded, standing over 6 ft tall and weighed 15 stone. Burgess had been making attempts year by year since 1904. His unsuccessful attempt in1908 stood as a record of Channel endurance for more than 20 years. He received the congratulations of the King and the recognition of the entire country.

He has abronze bust in Sheffield Road baths Rotherham. He moved to France after channel swim to coach: he helped Gertrude Erdele to become the first womanto swim the channel on the 6th of August 1926, and advised Edward Temme the first person to swim the channel in both directions. 
Burgess, Thomas William (I56)

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