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51 He went to Harthill and Kiveton, buried Harthill cemetary, Yorkshire. He worked as a blacksmith for 64 years with James Turner and Sons. Burgess, John (I54)
52 House burned in 1925, Hormisdas lived 2 years in the home of Angelique Fortier. Then moved to Sillarsville. He died in 1929. He was buried in the St-laurent church in Matapedia. Charbonneau, Hormisdas (I413)
53 John Burgess son of Peter Burgess and Margaret Long, Master shoemaker born in Bakewell 1841. He married Elizabeth Hibbert.

Appears in the 1871 census, fathers John Burgess in 1878 but does not appear in the 1881 Census.

Hi wife Elizabeth is listed as a widow. No death record can be found for John in england.

Family lore from cousins in England indicate that John had left his wife for another and emigrated to Philadelphia in 1913. His daughter Laura saw him off.

The story above seems to have some facts mixed up between John 1841 and his son John born in 1878. John Jr. jumped ship in Montreal in October 1899. He was not married untill 1900 or after arriving in Canada.

The 1880 Census (June 3rd) for Wallace, Chester Pennsylvania lists

John Burgess Age 37 Shoemaker born in England
Annie Age 28 Keeping House born in England
Arthur son aged 1 Pennsyl.

The 1900 Census (June 2nd) for Wallace, Chester, Pennsylvania enumeration district 113 lists

John Burgess born March 1841, Age 59, number of years married 24 yrs, year emmigrated 1877, 22 years in the US, naturalized ,Shoemaker, owned Farm house.

Annie born Aug 1854?, Age 43, married 24 yrs,Children 4 living, 22 years in US, Housekeeper

Burgess, John (I26)
54 Jul 1933, Liverpool, Lancashire vol 8b, pg 204 Family: John Bertram Burgess / Miriam Jessie Smith (F417)
55 June Bakewell 7b 423 Wagstaff, John (I257)
56 Ken died of heart failure. Dion, Kenneth R (I2535)
57 Lawrence W. Burgess
SSN: 166-05-1855
Last Residence: 21838 Marion Station, Somerset, Maryland, United States of America
Born: 27 Apr 1906
Died: 4 Apr 1999
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (Before 1951) 
Burgess, Lawrence Wayne (I884)
58 Left for California before son was born in 1907 on urging from his father John. Estate papers for mother Annie indicate he was in California in 1908. Came back when his son was 3 and the family moved to California, Compton.

They returned to Philadelphia when Samuel was 15-17 years old.

This would mean he was in Pennylvania in 1900, possibly in California or Pennsylvania in 1910. In 1920 he would still be n california.

Marriage Record: George and Hnter
Orphan's court Philadelphia marriage license Index 1885-1916
1906 license 200737 
Burgess, George Gaul (I965)
59 Lived at 26 Bethel Rd Rotherham in 1881, Lyndhurst Place, Rotherham 1872 Burgess, Alfred (I55)
60 Lived in Blackpool Burgess, Clifford George (I94)
61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Burgess, Kevin (I118)
62 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Burgess, Malcolm (I116)
63 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Chapman, Hugh (I144)
64 Living in Woodall, Yorkshire Woodward, Steven (I138)
65 Lorraine is an avid genealogist Loiseau, Marie Lorraine Octavie (I224)
66 M/1862/B1/530/5/2 Mary Rea McClure 7th October 1862 Belfast
M/1862/B1/530/5/2 William McClure Rea 7th October 1862 Belfast 
Family: William McClure / Mary Rea (F827)
67 M/1897/C1/1018/3/44
Thomas Duncan Connery 27th December 1897 Castlereagh 
Family: Thomas McCullough Duncan / Jane Connery (F826)
68 M/1938/C1/1018/6/4
Mary Connery Glover 31st August 1938 Castlereagh

John Glover Connery 31st August 1938 Castlereagh 
Family: John Glover / Mary Jemima Connery (F824)
69 macclesfield 8a 113 (St Phillip Alderley Edge) Family: Ralph Potts / Mary Elizabeth Burgess (F88)
70 March Altrincham 8a 140 Burgess, Joseph (I44)
71 March Bakewell 7b 467 Burgess, Mary (I247)
72 Marriage cert

England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1916-2005
about Irene C Burgess

Name: Irene C Burgess
Spouse Surname: Hickson
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1926
Registration district: Liverpool
Registration county (inferred): Lancashire
Volume Number: 8b
Page Number: 217 
Burgess, Irene Constance (I266)
73 Marriage Index: 1916-2005
Name: Eleanor Statham
Spouse Surname: Steeples
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1938
Registration district: Bakewell
Registration county (inferred): Derbyshire
Volume Number: 7b
Page Number: 2571
Statham, Eleanor (I736)
74 Maybe
Deaths Mar 1902
Nicholls Mary 62 Chesterfield 7b 440 
Burgess, Mary Jane (I34)
75 Missing in Action Fisher, James (I2454)
76 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Connery, William John (I408)
77 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

George Phipps
Husband of Elizabeth Connery
Born: England
Died: Montreal General Hospital (November 1st 1933)
Aged: 67 years
Last residence: 1444 Aylwin Street
Buried: November 3rd 1933
Place of Death: Montreal General Hospital 
Phipps, George (I285)
78 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

Elizabeth Phipps nee Connery
Wife of George Phipps
Born: Scotland
Died: 1446 Aylwin Street (November 16th 1936)
Aged: 72 years 11 months 16 days
Last Residence: 1446 Aylwin Street
Buried: November 19th 1936

Connery, Elizabeth (I286)
79 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

Gerald George Phipps
Son of John Geo. Harold Phipps
Born: Montreal
Died: 112 Aylwin Street (May 30th 1915)
Last residence: 112 Aylwin Street
Aged: 1 Year
Cause: Enteritis
Occupation (of father): Driver
Buried: May 31st 1915

Phipps, George Gerald (I831)
80 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

John Connery
Born: Belfast, Ireland
Died: January 17th 1908
Last residence: 92 St-Germain Street
Aged: 72 Years 3 Months
Cause: Injury to hip
Buried: January 20th 1908

Connery, John (I292)
81 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

John Frederick Peacock
Widower of Margaret Connery
Born: England (December 27th 1878)
Died: Grace Dart Hospital (May 14th 1959)
Last residence: 4087 Melrose Avenue, Montreal
Aged: 80 Years
Occupation: Retired Book Keeper
Buried: May 16th 1959

Peacock, John Frederick (I729)
82 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

John Wm. Hingston
Son of Wm Hingston
Born: Montreal
Died: August 18th 1887
Last residence: 204 Desery
Aged: 1 Year 6 Months
Cause: Bronchitis
Buried: August 19th 1887

Hingston, John William (I728)
83 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

Lawrence John David Phipps
Son of John Geo. Harold Phipps
Born: Montreal
Died: 94 St-Germain Street (March 17th 1913)
Last residence: 94 St-Germain Street
Aged: 27 Days
Cause: Bronchitis
Occupation (of father): Laborer
Buried: March 19th 1913

Phipps, Lawrence John David (I830)
84 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

Margaret Jane Connery nee Wray
Wife of John Connery
Born: Ireland
Died: October 11th 1903
Last residence: 92 St-Germain Street
Aged: 65 Years
Cause: Diabetes
Buried: October 13th 1903

Rea, Margaret Jane (I293)
85 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

Margaret Peacock nee Connery
Wife of John Frederick Peacock
Born: England (February 16th 1868)
Died: Montreal General Hospital (February 24th 1954)
Last residence: 3429 St-Famille Street, Apt. 34, Montreal
Aged: 86 Years
Buried: February 26th 1954

Connery, Margaret (I405)
86 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

Pansy Grace Lawrean Phipps
Daughter of George Phipps
Born: Montreal
Died: December 28th 1893
Last residence: 92 St-Germain Street, Montreal
Aged: 11 Months 8 Days
Cause: Dentition
Buried: December 30th 1893

Phipps, Pansy Lorine Grace (I290)
87 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

Rose Evelyn F. Bourassa
Daughter of Joseph Bourassa
Born: Montreal
Died: March 3rd 1908
Last residence: 94 St-Germain Street
Aged: 5 Months
Cause: Bronchitis
Buried: March 4th 1908

Bourassa, Rose Evelyn Florence (I841)
88 Mount Royal cemetary Record:

Susannah Allard nee Connery
Wife of Alfred Allard
Born: County Durham, England
Died: Montreal General Hospital (September 2nd 1937)
Aged: 62 years
Last Residence: 3036 Monsabre Street, Montreal

Connery, Susannah (I407)
89 Mount Royal Cemetary Record:

William Hingston
Husband of Mathilda Connery
Born: Ireland
Died: 1454 St-Germaine Street (August 4th 1931)
Aged: 73 years
Last Residence: 1454 St-Germaine Street
Buried: August 6th 1931

Hingston, William (I296)
90 Mount Royal Cemetery burial Record: G-2278-T

John Burgess
Widower of Annie Harris
Born: England (9 May 1878)
Died: 18 December 1954
Aged:76 years
Late residence: 5842A St. Lawrence Blvd., Montreal, Quebec
Place of Death: Kateri pavillion, Ville LaSalle, Quebec
Burgess, John (I19)
91 Obtained from Mormon source, but don't have reference number or reel Source (S1)
92 Of Moneyrea, County Down, Ireland McMillin, James (I2401)
93 Owned a house on Aylwin street just North of Notre-Dame. He was living on Aylwin street as early as 1904

118 Aylwin year 1904-1905 
Phipps, George (I285)
94 Peter is buried in Hawthorndale Cemetary in lot 185 no. 303

Also buried in this plot is an Olive Marecki 
Marecki, Peter (I811)
95 Photocopy of original document Source (S2)
96 possible Christening for Arthur:

IGI Individual: C003875

28 AUG 1878 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Father: Charles Burgess
Mother: Annie

Married by: P.H. Dippell, Minister of the Gospel married 66 years 8 mos. 9 days.

Marriage Record: Arthur and Ella Gaugler
Orphan's court Philadelphia marriage license Index 1885-1916
1900 license 120777 
Burgess, Arthur (I877)
97 Possibly Broderick Mary (I2388)
98 Possibly married James Briddon of Tansley, Derbyshire
BRIDDON, Stephen Howard
Born Derbyshire
Died 8 Sep 1941, aged 22
Lance Corporal, Royal Engineers
Service No: 1880260
ToW: Middle East
s/o James and Florence (née Gregory) Briddon, of Tansley
Cemetery: Tel-el-Kebir War Memorial Cemetery
Grave/Memorial Reference: 3. K. 11.
Tel-el-Kebir lies 110 kilometres north-north-east of Cairo and 75 kilometres south of Port Said.
During the Second World War, Tel el Kebir was a hospital centre and a great ordnance depot was also established there, with many workshops for the repair of armoured cars and other weapons of war. 
Gregory, Florence (I1293)
99 Sexton
(date of burial not legible) Mary Anne Connery of the Sandhole Moneyrea aged 69 signed James Connery  
Connery, Mary Jemima (I2404)
100 Sexton's book
15th March 1942 James Connery aged 70 signed John Glover (his son-in-law)  
Connery, James (I2396)

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