1. Lapland December 2004

    by: Peggy Mozley

  2. 3-00 am Wake up Girls
    4-00 am Driving to Worksop to catch a bus
    4-30 am Boarded a coach to drive to the airport
    5-15 am East Midlands Airport
    6-00 am Boarded the Plane taking flight The girls were very excited

  3. They gave us Breakfast.

  4. The pilot sang a carol to us so we all joined in with more.

  5. We landed about 10-00 am our time. See our photographs with the aeroplane in the background (pictured Graham, Peggy, Michael).

  6. We were met by a Lady and Gentleman with a reindeer. Then we were sorted out into Coaches and had to keep the same one all the day, ours was number 6.

  7. All aboard we drove to a place more like a Warehouse. We put our top coats and shoes in a big plastic bag , they put them in the coach hold number 6.

  8. Being elderly they helped me into a full length padded suit, thick socks, boots and gloves. Because it was 30deg below and so very cold.

  9. Our next ride was through the snow to a restaurant for lunch. After lunch it was dark we went on a coach ride back to where the Teepee was. This was where we waited our turn for our different rides and visits.

  10. We were told it was on a Lake with a metre of ice frozen on the top. The Teepee held a Coach load of people in the centre was a large block of concrete where they burned a log fire so it was cosy.

  11. A Lady told us some history and then put on all of us a mark of soot on our foreheads. She also said We may turn into a Reindeer. Our first ride was to be pulled in twos on a sledge by a Reindeer In between different rides you could go on a small sledge on a little slope outside the Teepee or go in the Teepee to get warm by the fire. Sue and Peggy took Harriet in and I gave her a cuddle to get her warm.

  12. You could also have a go on some ski’s, Michael had a go on a Quad Bike. Our second ride was on a Dog sledge, a man stands on the back. See photograph of Graham and Peggy , who had tied her hat on. The dogs bark when not running and oh boy do they run fast.

  13. We went back in the Teepee and they gave us pancakes and mulled wine which gave us a warm feeling inside.

  14. Then it was our turn for all our family to ride on a snow mobile. Graham was given a lesson , the girls were on a sledge pulled by a man who was the Leader. Graham had me on the back of his machine, the course was up and down and I did tell Graham to slow down. Then we were going round a sharp corner and Graham hit a tree root we were lucky to be thrown off away from the machine into the deep snow. The next thing the back rider was saying “Are you alright Madam.” We could not get up for laughing. Sue had been banging Michael on his back shouting “Your Mum and Dad are Laid in the snow” The next thing was the back Rider and Michael were helping Peggy get up. The back Rider got the machine working again and off we went leaving our body prints in the snow. The Rider followed us and when he thought graham could manage he took over the lead because all the others had left us and it was dark.

  15. We went in the Teepee to get warm and wait for our Sleigh to take us to visit Santa Claus. We had a sleigh for the six of us and a driver. I only got a photograph of Sue’s back with it being so dark. We had a long ride until we reached Santa’s House.. The camera steamed so we were lucky to get photographs. The girls gave Santa a Christmas order and he gave them a present which was a Reindeer made in Thorne England. Our next move was to board the Coach and go back to the Warehouse to dress in our own Clothes.

  16. The Sky showed colours we had never seen before We then went in the coach back to the Airport where we got a few things from the shop. We went in the café because the girls were hungry. Our Plane Left Finland about 9-20 pm our time. On arrival at the East Midlands Airport it was pouring with rain. Sue and Graham managed to get on transport back into the building. The four of us left were near the Aeroplane door chatting to the Lovely Pilot and two Air Hostess Ladies. They let Harriet go into the Cockpit so she chatted to the Co Pilot. We arrived back at Warwick Way very tired . All together we had a 22 ½ hours round trip but a day to remember.