1. Kiveton Park Nonocenarian

  2. Passing of Mr. John Burgess - Worksop Guardian Friday December 24, 1937

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    t is with deep regret that we record the death of Mr. John Burgess, of Kiveton Park Station, which took place on Saturday, after a brief illness. Deceased was in his 90th year. He was born at Bakewell and came to the Kiveton district as a young man and lived there ever since. He took up employment with the firm of James Turner and Sons, and worked there for 64 years, only retiring a few years ago. He was held in high regard by all who knew him. He was a devout Churchman, being attached to Harthill parish, where he was a good helper. For 54 years he conducted a Sunday School at Westthorpe, Thorpe Salvin, and many people owe much to his teaching and example. He was a keen gardener, and during the autumn and winter had been busy pruning fruit trees, etc., and doing other work in preparation for next summer. He was a naturalist, who could see beauty in everything in nature. His patriarchal figure will be sadly missed by a very large circle of friends. His wife died about five years ago, and he leaves three sons and four daughters to mourn his loss. One of his sons resides in New Zealand.

  4. The interment took place at Harthill on Monday, in Harthill Churchyard, the first part of the service being held in the Parish Church. The service in church and at the graveside being conducted by Rector, the Rev. H.R. Everson.

  5. The Rector in an address, said they were there to honour and respect a man who was honoured and respected by everyone. He (the Rector) was a comparative stranger in the district, but when he first paid a visit to Mr. Burgess he came away with the definite impression that he had been in contact with a good holy man - a Christian gentleman. He came back from that first visit feeling siritually refreshed. Mr. Burgess had a great personality and he had heard from good repute of the respect in which he was held. He was one who tried to serve his Lord and Master. He had passed his four score years, but was still young in spirit and was a child of God and a faithful member of His Church.

  6. The mourners included: Mr. and Mrs. G. Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. F. King, Mrs. Mingay, Mrs. Simmonite (Throapham), Miss L. Burgess. Mr. P. Burgess, sons and daughters, son-in-law and daughters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. S. Burgess, Mr. R Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. B. Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. H. King, Mr. B Simmonite, Miss Edie Simmonite, Mr. and Mrs. Colin Burgess, Mrs. A. Burgess, nephews and nieces; Mr. and Mrs. T. Hallam, Mr and Mrs. W. Hogg, Mr. R. B. Hills, Mr. W. Burman, Mr. J.T. Holmes, Mr. F. Pyle, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Robinson, Mr. J. C. Jenkinson, Miss Peat, Miss Wainscoat, Mrs. J. Emmerson, Messrs. J. Turner and Sons, Ltd., were represented by Mr. E. Presswood, Mr E. Lidster and Mr A. Forman. There were many other friends.

  7. The bearers were Messrs. C. Stringer, G. Parkin, G.H.A. Goddard, H. Durham, E. Gretton, and H. Robertshaw.

  8. Floral tributes were from; George and Emily; Beatrice, Fred, Harold and family; Ede, Tom and Roy; Lil and Perce; Annie, Will and family; Bertie, Elsie and Enid; Susie and Stanley; Ronald and Gwen; Colin and Winnie; Allan and Edna; Doris; Remembrance; Mr. Cornell and family; Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Hills; Fellow Workmen of Messrs. J. Turner and Sons; Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Holmes and family; All at Lodge Hill; All at The Lodge (Throapham); Eric and Violet; Mr. and Mrs. Hogg and Frank.

  9. The funeral arrangements were made by Mr. F. Stenton (Anston)